How to Get Massive Clouds of Vapor from Your Vape

How to Get Massive Clouds of Vapor from Your Vape

 Regardless of whether you’re a devoted pod vape cloud chaser or you end up needing to investigate an alternate method for vaping, blowing greater mists isn’t that troublesome. The primary thing to comprehend is that the greater the cloud, the less flavor hit you’ll encounter. The best thing is to attempt an assortment of settings that outcome in greater mists and discover one that gives you a glad medium.

Be that as it may, numerous posts on enhancing vapor generation center around reconstructing, and not all vapers are keen on wrapping their own particular Clapton curls or fussing about the surface region of them assembles.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you need to create monstrous billows of vapor, however, are not especially intrigued by rebuildable mods, this blog entry is for you.

Together we’ll investigate the gadgets, strategies and the juice that you have to augment the pod vape from your electronic cigarette.

In the soul of helping the greater part of the cloud chasers and would-be cloud chasers out there blow huge, surging mists, here are some wise tips:


The principal thing you should need to take a gander at is a clearomiser that has curls intended for greater mists. A low-opposition sub-ohm clearomiser will ordinarily bring about greater mists, however, there is additionally a considerable measure of altered units available that have been tried and specially crafted to help in the creation of enormous pod vape mists.

VG blend

One of the simplest approaches to create greater mists is to utilize a juice with a higher vegetable glycerin content. Numerous e-fluids have a half or 60% blend, which will deliver some truly average mists, however running one with an 80% VG blend is certain to bring about a huge cloud!

Wattage and opposition

A lot of units offer vapers the choice to build the wattage. Expanding the wattage from your battery consumes your juice speedier, yet in addition, produces greater mists. Join this with a tank that highlights bring down curl opposition, and you’ll be blowing fiendish huge mists right away!

Things Are Going to Get Cloudy

Getting monstrous billows of vapor is an enormous subject, yet this post covers the key things you have to consider with regards to fitting your pod vape.

As we’ve focused on a few times, the vital thing is getting the perfect measure of vapor for your inclinations: there is no “wrong” approach to vape, and you don’t require thick, surging mists to appreciate vaping. So, it’s vital to adjust your pod vape generation against your different inclinations, particularly with regards to the snugness of the draw, throat hit, and flavor.

The Key Suggestion Is to Test.

Experiment with a higher-VG e-squeeze and check whether that fulfills your cloud-pursuing desires. Test out some higher power settings. Get another sub ohm tank. Change your wind stream. And afterward, you can work towards finding the correct adjust of these and different segments to suit your tastes.


Be as a lot of a cloud-chaser as you need to be, however dependably vape the manner in which you need.

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